The Near Past

My weight started to creep back up starting in the summer of 2016 for so many reasons.  I left my full time job in San Francisco and was working from home which meant easy access to my kitchen.  (Sunbutter for snacks anytime!)  My dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer so I began to visit my parents more frequently and, of course, had to eat a lot of cashews.  I started "working out at home" which wasn't as good of an exercise routine as working out at studios was.  And, I think I'm entering the phase of peri-menopause which makes weight gain more likely and losing weight less likely.

Long story not so short, I'm now back up to 167 pounds.  My goal, still, is to get to about 145 pounds.  I really don't think the 140 number that the BMI dictates is attainable for me.  

jennifer pesetsky