The Distant Past

I'm a curvy girl.  I've always had full hips, fuller boobs and a nice small waist.  I've loved my curves as have my partners.  I think my weight became an issue somewhere in the early 2000s.

As we age, what we eat seems to matter more and our bodies aren't as forgiving with the calories that come in.

While I was pregnant with our daughter, I was deemed "obese" which felt unfair to me.  I'm 5'3" if I stand up really really straight; the BMI scale felt like bullshit.  Bullshit BMI aside, I knew that I was carrying around more weight than what was healthy for me.  

Pretty consistently, other than when I was pregnant, I weighed 182 for many years.  The bullshit BMI puts the highest appropriate weight for my height at 140.  Around October 15, 2013, I decided to make some changes.  I changed my morning smoothie recipe (cut the peanut butter content way down), and started exercising consistently.  By Feb. 5, 2013, I weighed 166.  The lowest I got was 152 pounds in April of 2015.  I hovered around there until May of 2016.  



jennifer pesetsky