Day 1, again - April 1, 2017

Welcome to the new day 1.  Here are my stats.

  • Pant size 10 and sometimes they feel way too tight.  The size 8 pants that I used to wear to work all the time are painfully tight.
  • My boobs and back fat stick out in an ugly way out of my size 34G bra.
  • I'm around 167 pounds. 

Here's my issue about scales.  I don't trust them.  Scales are calibrated different, or are broken, or a few pounds up or down.  The scale at one gym registers me at 167.  The scale at my doctor's office says 164.  The scale at home says 170.  Beyond the scales' calibrations, my weight fluctuates throughout the day as I assume everyone else's does to.  

This mistrust of scales that I have has been a barrier to getting started again on my health journey.  No more.   Ideally, I'd like to only weigh myself once per month and only as a way to gauge general progression and not as an absolute number.

Day 1

I'd like to rely more on the view in the mirror.  Here is me this morning.  I hadn't showered yet, but I didn't want to put any barrier on getting this day 1 picture, so I put on a bra and panties and snapped this shot.

Why do I want to get healthy?  Being overweight impacts my self-confidence which impacts everything else.  Also, I want to be a healthy role model for Star.  Next, I'm a g-ddamn fat spin instructor and I hate being the fat chick in the front of the room leading people to health; I feel like a fucking hypocrite.  I have dreams of opening a spin studio or a trampoline workout place using my own path to health as motivation.  But, first, I need to create that path to health for myself.  

Daily-ish Health Snapshot

  • Number of steps - over 14K.
  • How did I eat?  OK.  I worked at the SF Law Library today and there were some nuts in the break room which I ate, but not to excess.  I probably overate a little bit at dinner time but it was tofu/veggie stirfry and a shredded salad, so it was healthy overeating.
  • Did I exercise?  Other than the step count, no.
  • Did I meditate? No.
  • Did I make something?  No.  It's almost 8pm, so perhaps I'll have some time to do some quilting tonight, but I doubt it.  
  • Other comments.  I feel happy to be back on this journey.


jennifer pesetsky