Introducing Coaching4Moms

I'm proud to introduce Coaching4Moms where I share self-care tips and empower moms to thrive through crisis and transitions.  When I look back at this BerkeleyMommy blog post, perhaps my next step in life should have been obvious.  I love being with moms and I love helping people who are in a crisis or going through a major life transition. 

I've been doing personal and interpersonal work since 1994 when I took my first mediation course and started helping people work out conflicts.

In my early days of mediation, I remember working with neighbors who were so frustrated with one another because the ball that one kid played with in their own backyard kept ending up in the neighbor's backyard.  Around the time that I was mediating neighbor disputes, I also worked with High School students teaching them how to mediate the disputes of their peers. 

Later on in my mediation career, in addition to continuing my work with neighbor disputes, I taught communication strategies in a woman's jail.  I facilitated meetings involving families of special needs kids and their school district. 

As a law librarian, I continued to use my mediation skills.  In one of my roles, I was the advisor to our law journals.  On more than one occasion, I brought together the journal's management to help them get clarity and move forward on their vision for the year.  Oftentimes, these meetings were accompanied by tears and hard feelings between the journal members.  I was able to reflect what each person was saying and helped them arrive at peaceful resolutions.

More recently, I've been focusing on transforming individuals.  I became an indoor cycling instructor where I am privileged to help people articulate and achieve their health related goals.

I further established my one-on-one coaching skills as a volunteer with the Crisis Text Line.  I regularly save people's lives.  There is a time in everyone's life when they need some support and I am proud to be of service. 

I'm now formalizing my passions and skills in forming Coaching4Moms.

My early goals are to grow my subscriber list and begin listening to moms about what their needs are.  I'll begin CTI's Life Coach program next month.  I'm excited for this new chapter in my book.  

jennifer pesetsky