I <3 IG

I’m totally late to the party, but I finally started using, and becoming obsessed with, Instagram.  Apparently, I signed up for Instagram years ago, but never used it until a few days ago.  Here’s the story.

Here on my blog, I have a "recently made" section where I put up pictures of stuff I've created.  I had been posting pictures on Flickr and then having my website pull these pictures.  But, this connection seemed to be really buggy; sometimes duplicate pictures would show up on my blog and sometimes certain pictures wouldn’t show up at all.  I worked with the SquareSpace help people who had me reset the connection which I did, but the problem never really resolved. 

So, I decided to post pictures on Instagram and then have my website take the pictures from there.  Initially, I think I posted the pictures on Instagram with no comments or hashtags; I posted just for the purpose of feeding the pictures to my website.  Posting this way worked seamlessly with respect to the integration between my pictures and my website, so problem solved.

But, while posting the pictures on Instagram, I lingered a bit and started to edit the comments on my pictures and add hashtags.  And, down the rabbit hole I go.  It was amazing.  I felt the way I felt as an early adopter of Ravelry.  It was like my crafty obsession was cracked open.

I could see everyone else’s pictures!  I could see the materials people used and how they styled their outfits.  I could see who my favorite designers follow, and people started commenting on and liking my (not always pretty) pictures.  

My "to sew" bookmark in Chrome has all of a sudden grown exponentially.  A week ago, I was bemoaning the fact that it was so hard to figure out which indie pattern was good and which I wanted to sew next, but now, I have a wealth of reviews totally available to me.  Sewing sometimes can feel like an isolating and outdated hobby.  Instagram has joyfully brought my current favorite craft into the trendy light.  I'm happy to be part of it.  

I still have a lot to learn about Instagram and there are some features that I don't like.  For instance, why we can only follow accounts and not hashtags?  That doesn’t seem completely right to me.  And, how do people make little hearts and other symbols in their comments? 

Whatevs, I'm totally hooked.  Hello to #memademay, #dressno2#cottonandsteel, #scouttee, and #orladress.  Y’all are helping me create my perfect wardrobe for me. 

love, @orangejennifer

jennifer pesetsky