Picking my Next Sewing Project

Last week, I finished my pink Owyn pants in linen fabric.  I modified them a bit by taking out about 2 inches of the waistband (as drafted, they were a bit too dropped crotch for my liking), and I added a few inches of hem band in orange at the bottom of the pant legs.  Overall, I liked the pattern, and these were the first successful pants that I've ever made for myself.  They totally feel like secret pajamas.  I'm not sure what occasion these are appropriate for - a garden party?  I don't think they are work appropriate, unfortunately.  My one complaint about Owyn (and all the patters from this book) is tracing the pattern itself.  The pattern pieces are all printed on top of one another in a jumbled mess and it takes a lot of focus to figure out what lines you're supposed to follow when tracing the pattern.  

After I finished my pink and orange Owyn pants, I had some extra time and capacity to sew, but didn't have enough capacity to figure out my next garment, so I sewed a block for my 2017 Modern Sampler Quilt.  I cleansed my garment sewing pallet with a quilt block.

The next day, which was a few days ago, I wasn't commuting and had the house to myself.  I exhaled.  I had work to do and did it, and I also had time to plan my next garment to sew.  

I looked at my sewing goals list, my available patterns (or should I buy a new pattern?), and my yards of fabric (I definitely don't need to buy new fabric).  

  • Cream Knit Top - Dartmouth.  I bought a lot of cream knit fabric and I have the pattern, but everything I sew in a cream color looks like a muslin to me.  I do like the Dartmouth Top though - maybe I should do it in a different knit fabric that I already have?
  • Knit Dress or Top - Coco?  I do love Coco and Tilly, but I'm not sure this boat neck style is right for me.  I'm more of a scoop neck kind of girl.  
  • Knit Cardigan - Opal.  Totally want to make this, but I don't think I'm going to make it now.
  • Sol Hoodie - Love this, but I'd have to buy both the pattern and fabric, so no for now.  
  • Plantain Tee - this is definitely a contender.  I love the neckline, and I have the fabric and the pattern.

Then, in perfect timing, June arrived.  And, with it, my newest obsession, the Summer of Basics.  The premise is that you spend the 3 months of the summer making (knitting, sewing...) 3 basic (however you define basic) pieces for you to wear.  Amazing!  Sign me up.

Because, here's the deal.  Many of my work appropriate skirts have become less work appropriate recently since they are too tight around my mid section to zip up.  Yes, I need to get my weight back on track for a variety of reasons, but I also need something to wear in the meantime and it takes me less time to sew than to lose a bunch of weight.  

So, after much deliberation, my summer of basics to-do list is:

  1. Plantain Tee- I want to make a cream muslin which will perhaps be wearable, and then the real thing in a fabulous grey.
  2. A-line skirt, self drafted, in this fabulous cotton fabric that is red with white flowers.
  3. Another a-line skirt, self drafted, in a blue/red cotton fabric.
  4. A dress in a fabulous pink/orange/brown 70's-ish corduroy.  
  5. A cardigan in red that will go with both skirts.  I'm thinking of either the Boyfriend cardigan or Opal.
  6. The Luna Loungewear nightgown

I have the fabric and patterns for #s 1, 2, and 3, (and I have the fabric for #4), so I'll start with those.  Now, all I need is a bunch of time to get sewing.  


jennifer pesetsky