Born for This

I'm in a bit of life re-alignment time.  I left my full time job in September because my employer wanted to change my schedule which would have taken too much time away from my husband and daughter.  At the same time, my dad was dying, so I chose to leave that job and spend time with my family while I could.

My dad died in November, and after an appropriate amount of grieving, I'm now in a period of figuring out my next career steps.  Here are all the sides of the issue.

(1) I have a few "side hustles".  I teach Advanced Legal Research as an online course, and I teach at least 2 spinning classes each week.  I volunteer 4+ hours a week on the Crisis Text Line, every Tuesday morning in Star's class, and at the Alameda County Community Food Bank occasionally.  

(2) My family and I are enjoying my not working full time.  Scott calls me the household manager which is really sweet, and I really do a lot during each day so that our nights and weekends are pretty errand-free.  I also have a lot more capacity to give to my family.  I no longer get overwhelmed with my daily commute and soul sucking job; I enjoy our family time more.  Also, I'm able to be with my mom and help her transition.

(3) On the negative side, I feel a bit unfulfilled being a stay at home mom.  

(4) All this brings me to the book I just finished, Born for This.  The basic premise is that we should find the thing in life which: gives us happiness (joy), is financially viable (money), and maximizes our unique skills (flow) in working conditions that work for you. 

To be continued...

jennifer pesetsky