Coaching4Moms is now CoachMenopause.  Here's why.

I met with a life coach, yup I believe in life coaches!, who encouraged me to narrow down my niche.  To be perfectly honest, a few coaches gave me that same feedback, but hers was the first that really resonated with me.

Specifically, her feedback was that "Moms in Crisis" was too broad.  A woman going through a divorce needs very different kinds of coaching than does a woman going through post partum depression.  

Interestingly, before I talked to this particular coach, I thought that I was such a niche superhero!  I thought that Moms in Crisis was really a narrow band!  But, I was totally wrong.  

Now, I only support women going through menopause and perimenopause.  Once I decided on this niche, everything got a lot easier. 

My blog posts were easier to write.  

My facebook group got easier to define.

It all flowed way better because I now have a defined niche that I want to serve well.

I just offered a gratitude challenge which is wrapping up in the next few days.  

And, my facebook group is all for Menopause Bosses.  (I love my facebook group.)

Starting in January of 2018, I have some big visions about where I want to take CoachMenopause.  

  • I want to offer a free 14 day Life Reset Challenge in Midlife.  I'm currently working on the content.
  • I envision selling an online course called something like How to Create A Sustainable and Personalized Self-Care Plan.
  • I also plan to offer my 12 week signature coaching package.  I want to really be able to devote my attention to current clients, so I'll probably only open 1 of these spots per month.
  • I couldn't get my act together for this year, but for December 2018, I hope to launch Less Stress December - a low cost program to help us all get through, what is for some of us, a really stressful month.  

Another big piece of this puzzle is that I'll no longer be teaching Advanced Legal Research.  I told the law school where I teach that this will be my last semester teaching it, so that'll all wrap up in a few weeks which will give me more space and capacity to focus on supporting my community.

I'm looking forward to the journey.  

jennifer pesetsky