The Cost of Kindergarten - Wrap Up

Here we are at the midpoint of 1st grade.  No time like the present to do a wrap up of how much we paid for public school in Berkeley, California for Kindergarten.  In total, we paid $4,784.  Let's round up to 5k because it's totally possible that I missed something major.  Even with the 5K number, summer camps are not included.  I started this project really not knowing what to expect in terms of spending, and 5K feels like an OK amount to me.  Star is getting a great education in so many different ways.  She is taught the basics (reading, writing, math), and they are also taught how to think critically, how to be kind to one another and how to stand up for what you believe in.  We live in a very diverse area and her school reflects that diversity; I think this exposure will serve her well in the future.  

For the details of each ask/contribution, see the list below.  It would be so interesting to see how these numbers vary in other school systems.  Any mom bloggers want to join in the fun and track how much you are asked for and how much you actually give in a year for your kids' public school?  


Final Total: $4,784

Rounded up to $5,000 in case I forgot anything

jennifer pesetsky