The Cost of Kindergarten - Ask #12 - The Raffle

Date: April 2016
What the ask was: As you can tell, I'm not against giving money to our school.  But, I am opposed to having kids take time away from learning and/or playing in order to sell raffle tickets.  I really don't think this achieves any objective in our society.  Also, I have really bad memories of going door-to-door in my neighborhood growing up selling magazine subscriptions, and I have equally bad memories of carrying around boxes of chocolate which I would just eat (and pay for) instead of sell to other people.  For the MX raffle, the kids are encouraged to "sell sell sell."  Specific tips include hanging around Bart stations during rush hour.  Top kid sellers get prizes.  
What we gave: $3
Why we gave that amount: For Star's class to get a popsicle party, each kid has to sell at least one raffle ticket.  So, we bought exactly one raffle ticket and returned the rest of the packet.

Running Total: $4,784

Jennifer P