The cost of Kindergarten - Fall 2015 After School

Date: Fall Semester 2015
What the ask was: Care for After School
What we gave: $2,950
Why we gave that amount: Star's Kindergarten goes from 8:10am - 1:30pm.  Scott and I both work more than full time.  So, she needs to be somewhere safe after school, from 1:30pm until 5pm-ish, Monday through Friday.  We could spend less money if we went with her school's on-site after school program or some local park option (which are quite competitive to get into), but we decided to do a Hebrew immersion / Jewish education program 3 days each week (on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays) because I want her to have some sort of Jewish education.  On Mondays, either Scott or I (honestly, mostly Scott) spends the afternoon with Star, and on Wednesdays, my mom is with her.  The total amount listed above includes: registration ($100), membership ($500), an earthquake kit ($50), and the monthly amount of $575 for each month (September, October, November and December).  Presumably, what we pay for Spring Semester 2016 will be less because we will have already paid the annual fees.  

We are happy with Edah.  The people who run it are competent and friendly.  Star is learning Hebrew with an Israeli accent, and has developed some good friendships there.  She is learning about the Jewish holidays and bringing her learning home to us.  Success.  

Running Total: $4,174

Jennifer P