5 Things I Would Tell My 5 Year-Old Self

  1. Girls can like the color blue.  Girls can play monster games.  Girls can grow up to be Firefighters and Doctors.  
  2. Your parents love you very very much.  Your parents love you more than you love jumping on a trampoline.  Your parents love you more than you love running through a grass field barefoot.  Your parents love you more than you love ice cream with rainbow sprinkles.  
  3. Different is not bad.  You can have friends who are different from you in all sorts of ways.  
  4. You might sometimes hear your parents fight.  That's OK.  They are communicating with one another.  It doesn't mean they are getting a divorce or that you did anything wrong.  Sometimes, being a grown up is hard.  
  5. If you work hard enough and keep trying, you will get good at whatever you want to be good at.  If your maximum height ends up being 5'2", you probably won't be a professional basketball player, but there's no need to think about that at age 5.  
Jennifer P