I'm a Berkeley Mommy Because:

  • When the straps of my Lululemon bag rip after shopping at Whole Foods, I re-sew the straps back on.
  • We planned a homebirth.
  • I take casual carpool into work and I don't think it's creepy.
  • I've been TV-free for over 20 years - long before you could access any TV show online.
  • My daughter goes to a Berkeley preschool where the kids are called "friends."
  • At this preschool, one day, the kids got naked (but kept their underwear on, my daughter assures me), so that they could feel clay on their bodies.
  • We are members of a babysitting Co-op.  
  • The prized possessions in our house are the ones that are handmade.  
  • We belong to a car sharing service.  I sometimes feel bad that we own a car at all, but I am able to rationalize it because our daughter needs a car seat which would be too difficult to always get in and out of the car share car; and because the car that we own is a hybrid.  
  • The stated dress code at our wedding was "Berkeley Formal."
  • We named our daughter Star.  Her Hebrew name means Queen of the Stars.
  • When my daughter said that her vagina looked weird, I took off my pants and underwear and showed her what mine looked like so she could see that ours looked similar.
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