WIP - Amelie

Crazy Mom Quilts kicked of 2013 by discussing her works in progress (WIPs).  As we move further into 2013, I'm inspired to follow her example.

I'm actually quite good about keeping my WIPs in check, I generally don't have too many projects going at once and I'm somewhat disciplined about not starting too many new projects until I finish up existing projects. 

But, there's an exception.  Meet, the

Amelie Crochet Floral Throw

.  I fell in love with this pattern in 2007, I believe.  I bought soft cotton yarn in springy pastel colors and crocheted all of the little flowers.  I envisioned reading a book on the couch which keeping warm under my beautiful crocheted blanket.  All was going well at this point. 

Then, I connected the flowers, and the whole thing started to look horrible.  I think the stitches I did to connect the flowers were too far apart?  Now it is so airy and open, it would not keep anyone warm. 

Here are my notes on Amelie from


This project has changed directions many times.

(1) After I finished the first “square”, the one with silver sage in the inside, green-apple in the middle and the red/purple on the outside, I decided that I didn’t like the look of the 3rd motif - it felt too floppy and didn’t seem like it would be comfortable as a blanket with all those big holes. So, now I’m doing each “square” with just the first 2 colors.

(2) Then, I got the whole thing done and connected all the squares together. I just needed to do some border to make it a blanket.

(3) But, then, I realized that I’d rather have this as a scarf. Stay tuned.

(4) August 27, 2008 - I’m officially putting this in hibernation.

(5) March 26, 2009 - I finally have an idea about how to revive this project. Now, I have to find the UFO… It went so far into hibernation that I can’t even find it. And, my house isn’t that big!

At this point, I have no idea what my vision was in March of 2009, but I now know where my Amelie is.  So, one of my goals (I guess I'm adding this to my

resolution post

), is to revive Amelie.  I still really do love the flower pattern.  I think I can make something work.  A blanket?  A scarf?  Talk to me Amelie; what do you want to be?