Craft Area Re-Organization

I have a craft area in our house.  It takes up about a third of our living room (or, front room as we call it.)  Before I sold my business, this craft area was mostly taken over by stuff for the business and I occasionally did some crafting there.

I have no "before" picture, but it was cluttered.  It was filled with business stuff - signs, clothes, high chairs and potty seats ready to go to the swaps, stuff to be sorted, a money box, and, oh yes, some crafty things.

I've spent some time over the past few months weeding and re-establishing my craft area.  Here's the big reveal.

To get to my craft area, you go through the rest of the living room.  From this view, you can see my daughter's toys in the foreground and my craft area in the back.  

My daughter and my husband know not to go into my craft area by themselves.  It's mommy's special space.  

From left to right, you can see the block of the month quilt that I finished in December, my ironing board, my table (for cutting, sewing, and jewelry making), an old cd cabinet which I've converted to hold various supplies like zippers, and the book shelf.  

More details in the pictures below.  I hope you enjoy this tour as much as I enjoy creating in my craft area.

Under the ironing board are fabrics in use for a current quilt project.  

I love these little drawers and the books.  The books tell the story of how my crafty passions have changed over time.  

A view of the fabric organization

The blue bucket of fabric

The red bowl of fabric

Old jeans ready for re-purposing

This is a view of the little yardage that I have.  I'm mostly a user and lover of scraps.  

In the corner between my sewing table and the ironing board is my tower of yarns.  Some were purchased over my 20+ years of knitting and crocheting and some hand spun when I was in a spinning phase a few years ago.  My knitting has recently taken a back seat to sewing and jewelry making.