Vacation Days = No Vacations

How do other families take real vacations?

At my job, I get 15 days of vacation each year, 12 sick days per year, 11 official holidays and 1 floating holiday.

This may sound like a lot, but let's break it down.

Floating Holiday
  • I take my floating holiday for my birthday.  I hate working on my birthday.
Vacation Days

  • I also take Scott's birthday as a vacation day and Star's birthday as a vacation day.  
  • I generally have to take 2 vacation days to celebrate Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.
  • I take 2 vacation days for my family's annual trip to Morro Bay.
  • I take a few vacation days each year at some point for visits to see Scott's family (generally in Florida or DC) or to spend time with them when they come here.  Let's call this 4 days off.
  • There are days when Star's school is off, but I don't have it as a holiday from work.  So, I either take that day as a a vacation day to spend with her or I hire a nanny for the day to be with her.
Sick Days
  • There are some days that I'm sick so I stay home and use a sick day (there are plenty more days when I'm sick but don't stay home even though I should).  There are some days that Star is sick and I stay home with here.  And, there are days when I need a mental health day, so I count those as sick days.  That pretty much uses up all of my 12 sick days.
So, seriously, working moms, how are you taking trips where you don't visit family?  I need some tips.  

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