Family Gatherings

For the past few years, my immediate family has gathered in Morro Bay for a long weekend with spouses, significant others and kids.  Part of the family comes up from the L.A. area and part of us come down from the S.F. area.

In year's past, conflicts have erupted over:
  • Making coffee.
  • Cooking.
  • Doing dishes.
  • TV usage.
  • Reprimanding children who are not your own offspring.
  • Getting sand in the bathtub.
  • Sleeping arrangements.
  • The location of where cars should be parked.
  • Alcohol usage.  
Nothing major, but conflict impacts me strongly.  I'm the youngest sibling, and I think by all accounts the most sensitive.  I hated Scrabble for years because of the way my brother and sister used to fight while playing.

This year's annual Morro Bay trip just ended.  Our original family of 5 is now 11 people.

Bad things that happened include: heavy rains on Friday delayed all of us; my dad had a brief trip to the Emergency Room; my mom had a minor car accident on Monday; I spent the whole time sick with a hoarse voice and a cough; my niece Ellen had a cough; and, by the end of the weekend, my sister and my husband were getting sick.

But, the good things that happened totally outweigh the bad.  It was a good trip.  There was less conflict than in year's past - maybe we're all growing up a bit?  Finally.